With Willie Podcast
Marco Marchica, Alberto Segantini
May 21, 2021
Episode 10 of Talking With Willie (and Tom) is an episode for lovers of the Beautiful Game. Football, soccer, Calcio, foci, whatever you call it, is a universal language. And football is what brought Willie and Tom together with our two very special guests this week. Alberto Segatini and Marco Marchica both hail from the north of Italy, one of the most football-crazed countries in the entire world. Together they all play for Budapest Celtic, the number one expat league in all of Budapest. Join these four friends as they chop it up about the hated European Superleague, the Italian game versus the English, what it’s like to play football in a foreign country, and some extra chat about bio organic dynamite, the emotion of oceans, and some untold tales from life in Budapest.
Guests: Marco Marchica, Alberto Segantini
Host: Wille Gevertz
Co-Host: Tom Bean

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