With Willie Podcast
Teqball Edition
March 11, 2021
Teqball, the sport of the future. It’s soccer, it’s volleyball, it’s tennis, it’s ping pong, it’s a game from the matrix. And most of all it’s a hell of a hilariously good time. Oh yeah, and it’s Hungarian. Today Tom and Willie are broadcasting live from Teqball world headquarters. Tune in for a chat with fellow Budapest.fm host Attila, who moonlights as the “whatever his title is at teqball” as well as rapid fire interviews with some of the best young Hungarian athletes – male and female. One of them even faced down Ronaldinho!
Guests: Attila Sowunmi, Lea Vases, Nora Vicsek, Soma Fördős
Location: Teqball (Headquarters) - Budapest, Hungary
Host: Wille Gevertz
Co-Host: Tom Bean

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