With Willie Podcast
Eddie and Emma Lovett
April 2, 2021
For lucky episode number 7 Willie is talking to international web camming super stars Eddie and Emma Lovett. Eddie and Emma aka Edvin and Marija met in Arizona a decade ago, completely oblivious to the fact that both their families emigrated from Yugoslavia during the war in the 1990s. Since meeting they’ve been married, exiled from states, moved to Croatia and then Hungary and have had their lives as celebrity sex workers documented by HBO. But above all else these two soulmates are just incredibly interesting people to talk to. Their conversation with Willie runs the gamut: from experiences tripping on DMT, why threesomes are easier in Arizona than anywhere else, stories of rescuing flea ridden dogs on the streets of Croatia and why the Sphinx is really a worm hole portal to another dimension. Enjoy!
Guests: Eddie and Emma Lovett
Host: Wille Gevertz
Co-Host: Tom Bean

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