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Ádám Szedlacskó
March 25, 2021
Today Willie is talking with Szedlacskó Ádám the owner of Budapest’s world renowned Flex Gym. Since opening his shrine to body building in 2010, Ádám has found unparalleled success, attracting celebrity members such as The Rock, Jamie Foxx and a seemingly infinite number of professional weight lifters. But unquestionably the most illustrious member of Flex is none other than than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself! Which is fairly poetic considering Ádám’s dreams of one day owning his own gym were born when he read one of Arnie’s books as a young lad. Now, thirty years later, he counts him as a mentor, confidant, chess partner and close friend. Truly inspirational!
Guest: Ádám Szedlacskó
Host: Willie Gevertz

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